Latest Testimony Posts

Viking Productions

Our company had been experiencing the unauthorized removal of resources and we were having difficulty identifying the culprits. Because I had utilized Strategic Control with a previous company, I had faith in their ability to do assessments in my current organization that would help us accurately identify the suspects. As expected, I employed them and we were able to rectify the matter immediately.

I would utilize Strategic Control's services again without hesitation.

Andre Dixon
Chief Operating Officer
Viking Productions

Rainforest Seafoods

Strategic Control is a respected and trusted organization, providing exceptional and confidential service to Rainforest Seafoods Limited. Strategic Control is a professional, dependable business partner.

Karlene Sutherland
Recruitment & Talent Manger
Rainforest Seafoods Ltd

Quest Security Services Limited

Quest Security Services Limited has been utilising the services of Strategic Control for the past 10 years. Strategic Control has assisted us in resolving all types of issues, in particular theft and fraud cases. We have found them to be a professional, efficient and very competent organisation.

Joseph Dibbs
Managing Director
Quest Security Services Limited