People are not always honest or forthright! Whether it was in the Garden of Eden or denying knowledge of a brother's whereabouts. Human beings have been known to fabricate stories, but what kind of things do they falsify? Is it about not sticking to a diet or lying about your bank account or stealing money from a company or denying knowledge of the missing merchandise? Whatever the lie - there have been several methods of attempting to detect deception.

As the only company in the Caribbean with the H.A.R.M. Psychometric Testing, EyeDetect™, and Polygraph Testing, we are able to use these highly effective tools to resolve your credibility assessment issues quickly. Whether it is for pre-employment, periodic evaluations, theft, fraud, or even to clear someone, we make sure to advise you what is best for your specific challenge. We give you answers that you would otherwise not know. We save you money by ensuring you have honest and trustworthy employees working with you.