Protect Business Assets with Employees in Positions of Trust

About Us

Strategic Control was formed in 2005, primarily as a polygraph examinations company. The focus was principally for pre-employment and in-service testing. This process would assist organisations in selecting honest candidates and maintaining trustworthy employees. Theft in organisations often goes unnoticed by supervisors and management and this acts as an incentive to take more of the companies’ property whether in the form of time, confidential information, money or goods.

As Strategic Control has evolved, we have seen the need to introduce different tools for different applications and budgets. Strategic Control’s Credibility Assessment Solutions will provide employers with tools to better screen undesirable candidates and therefore employ candidates who will aid rather than undermine the development and growth of their organisations. Periodic assessment of staff allows organisations to identify and promote the best employees for advancement and weed out the dishonest ones. 

Currently Strategic Control offers three robust solutions for credibility assessment, these are the H.A.R.M Psychometric Test, Polygraph Examinations and EyeDetect™. EyeDetect™ is our newest and most innovative product. Our solutions may be used separately or together depending on the level of information required on potential or existing employees.

We offer solutions that are effective and tailored for specific client needs. Our solutions are designed to aid Human Resource Managers as well as Security Managers. Possessing the best credibility assessment tools available, permits organisations to better use and direct their scarce resources to areas that generate growth and bring positive returns.

Ekpedeme “Deme” Otuokon is the Founding Director of Strategic Control. A sociologist by education with a B.Sc. from the University of the West Indies. Deme is a certified Polygraph Examiner accredited by the American Polygraph Association (APA). He has had over 19 years experience in the security industry and is one of the founding members of the Jamaican Polygraph Association and a member of the American Polygraph Association.

Mission Statement

To be the premier credibility assessment company in the Caribbean by providing a specialised service utilising the newest, most innovative technologically advanced tools and forging resilient partnerships in order to satisfy the credibility assessment needs of our various clients.